For many of us, winter can be a hard season. I’d like to share in this blog post some of the things that I have learned to do to enjoy and THRIVE in the winter.


First of all, if the long nights of winter leave you longing for more rest, lean into it. Just as the ground rests in winter, restoring and replenishing the soil for the good work of growing plants and crops in the spring, so our bodies need times of rest and replenishment as well. This might mean extra sleep, but it could also mean doing more things that allow you to rest and relax: evenings with a good book, a favorite hobby, a cozy family movie night.

Learn a New Hobby

Winter is a great time to learn a new skill. Maybe you would like to learn to crochet or watercolor paint or maybe you already have a hobby that you just don’t get to very often. Want to learn to bake bread? Winter is a great time to work on that too!

Deep Clean and De-clutter

Long days inside are a great time to clean out that closet that has been a disaster for months or to organize and donate some of the things that are shoved under the bed (ask me how I know). If you are so inclined, it could also be a great time to refresh a bedroom or living room space. Maybe a fresh coat of paint or some new curtains. Our master bedroom is on my list to declutter and refresh this winter. Let’s see how far we get.

Read a Good Book

Few things are cozier, in my opinion, than reading a good fictional book with a warm cup of tea on a long winter night. Maybe fiction isn’t your jam, is there a subject you have been wanting to learn more about? Now is a great time to squeeze in a little extra reading. If you have children, I encourage you to check your local library for snow and winter themed picture books. There are so many wonderful ones out there and there is something so special about snuggling under a pile of blankets and reading picture books with your kiddos.

Plan for Summer

I like to use the long days of winter to plan my garden. I get so excited to scour seed catalogues and begin plotting my garden plans for the coming spring and summer. There’s something about thinking about warmer weather that helps make the cold more bearable.

Cozy-up Your Home

This may seem so simple, but a chunky throw blanket tossed over the couch and a softly glowing candle on the table go a long ways toward making youe home cozy. I believe that when our homes are cozy and inviting we WANT to spend more time in them. So make it special for winter. Play some classical music, bake cookies, light a candle- create a cozy home that will be inviting to you and your family.

Eat Nourishing Meals

I’m convinced one of the reasons people are sick more in winter is because we are outside less and eating far more sugar than we do during the warmer months. Preparing nourishing meals for your family will go a long way to keeping your family healthy. I love to make a good hearty soup full of protein and vegetables. Serve it with some crusty and you have a delicious, nourishing meal.

Get Outside

This one is hard if you live in a harsh winter climate. We are blessed where we live to be able to get outside, even if just for a few minutes, every day. My goal is a daily walk. The fresh air and sunshine do wonders for improving mood, boosting the immune system, and encouraging physical activity. If you’re in an area with opportunities for winter sports – take advantage as often as you can. Even a short walk outside in the winter can help you beat the winter blues and keep you from feeling as if you are stuck inside.

Winter months can be hard, but they can also be enjoyable if we are intentional about creating rhythms and rituals that will nourish our families. I hope these tips for thriving in winter will be helpful to you and that you can implement some of them into your home today.

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