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This free rainbow download is perfect for the mama who wants to teach her toddlers and preschoolers that God created the rainbow and that it is a precious reminder that God is faithful to keep His promises.

After the worldwide flood described in Genesis, God put a rainbow in the sky as a symbol of His promise to Noah that He would never again flood the whole earth. (Genesis 9) In Revelation chapter 4 the Bible also describes the throne room of heaven as having a rainbow encircling the throne of God. Isn’t that amazing?!

Unfortunately, I think we as Christians shy away from talking about the rainbow because of the cultural association with rainbows and while I understand that, I think we also miss out on the blessing of the rainbow’s beauty and promise.

What is included in this rainbow activity bundle?

This bundle includes four picture book recommendations about rainbows. These are books that we have read and enjoyed that also teach about the rainbow from a biblical perspective.

There is also a list of activities that you can do with your kiddos that revolve around colors and rainbows. I also included a fun rainbow craft and coloring sheet.

How do I use this activity bundle?

I recommend that you check your local library for these picture books first. If you cannot find them at the library, you can find several of them on YouTube and you can listen that way.

The activities can be done however it works best for you and your family. You may choose to do 1-2 activities a day, do them all at once, or spread them out over a few days or weeks. All of the activities can be completed in about 30 minutes and are geared towards toddlers and preschoolers.

This would be a great addition to your morning time or do it as a stand alone unit study.

Download the rainbow activity bundle here.

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