There are so many wonderful winter and snow themed picture books and I will share our favorites with you in this blog post. I will also share some of my favorite tips for helping kids enjoy and stay engaged in read aloud time. We love nothing more than cuddling up with a picture book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate on cold winter days. Somehow reading a beautiful picture book about snow or winter just makes the season that much more magical. 

Winter can be a challenging season, no matter what state or climate you live in. While I for one, actually prefer cold weather over heat, it can still be challenging to be inside so many days on end, especially if those days are mostly cold and gray. I have learned to embrace the cold days of winter and to lean into coziness and rest on those days. If you’re looking for some tips to thrive in the winter months, check out this blog post

Thriving Inside with Littles on a Winter Day

On those particularly cold days when it is hard to be inside with little ones, having a few fun things planned can make a world of difference. I like to keep a few special games, crafts, and activities on hand for those times you need something a little extra special. Baking together is something we really love to do together when it’s cold; it warms the house, fills the air with delicious scents, and provides us all a yummy treat to fill our bellies. You can read this blog post all about how I include my little one in the kitchen. 

We also love to read seasonal books, and cold winter days are the perfect time to cuddle up with a pile of winter-themed picture books. We love reading stories of arctic animals, snowy adventures, friendship, snow traditions, and so much more. Reading books about the season is a great way to introduce your little readers to the natural world around them. Kiddos that read a beautiful story about a winter landscape will have a deeper anticipation for the beauty of a fresh snow and will likely look forward to the day you get your own fresh snow to play in. 

I encourage you to start reading picture books to your kiddos early on so that they will develop an interest and love for reading. If you are finding that your young kids just don’t have the attention span to sit and listen to stories, try letting them play quietly with blocks or a sensory bin while you read. You could even create a fun sensory bin with items related to the story you plan to read. Another fun idea for your older kids would be to allow them to play book bingo while you read. Simply create a simple sheet with pictures of different animals or objects in your story and then challenge them to listen and see who is the first to get a bingo. 

Another fun idea to help your kids enjoying reading is to pair read aloud time with a baked good. A plate of warm cookies, a pile of popcorn, apples and peanut butter, are just a few fun snack ideas. We enjoy morning “coffee + tea” time where we gather a snack, a cup of tea or coffee, and several picture books to read together. Having a snack to eat while reading builds the anticipation for the reading and also helps keep little hands busy. 

You could also switch up your reading location to keep things interesting. If the couch is your normal, try throwing some pillows and blankets on the floor and reading there, or spread a blanket on the living room floor and pretend you’re having an outside picnic. Switching things up will help keep the reading time light-hearted and fun. 

Why Should I Read to My Children

There are countless benefits to reading aloud to children. It helps them develop language skills, broadens vocabulary, and introduces them to a variety of ideas. Reading together promotes physical closeness as you cuddle around the book, but it also gives you and your child a shared bank of knowledge and stories to draw from and talk about. It’s always so fun when your child begins to connect concepts and ideas he has read in stories to real life events and circumstances. 

How to Find Picture Books

I always check my local library first for picture books. Many libraries will allow you to request a book loan from another library if your library does not have the title you are looking for. Once I have borrowed a book from the library and know that we love it, then I add it to a wishlist and begin to keep an eye out for those books at thrift stores and online used book sites. Thrift books and BetterWorld Books are two of my favorite places to find gently used books at a great price. I also love to include books on Christmas wishlists for grandparents. Just remember, you can slowly add to your home library, there’s no rush to buy all the books at once. 

Favorite Winter Picture Books

Starting with books from one of my very favorite children’s authors, Jan Brett.  I have yet to read one of her stories that I did not love. Her snowy scenes, beloved woodland animals, and beautiful illustrations make these books a treasure trove. If you are looking to add books to your winter collection, any of these would be the perfect addition.

The Mitten

Perhaps one of her most famous books, we love the story of the little boy who wanted white mittens. Although his grandmother didn’t think this was a good idea, for fear they would get list in the snow, she made them anyway. When the little boy loses his mitten, it soon becomes a cozy place for the forest animals to gather together. This is one of our favorite books and we read it over and over in the winter months. 

 Snowy Nap 

Another favorite, the sweet story follows Hedgie the Hedgehog who want to stay awake for winter. He manages to make it until the first snow and then finds a special place to sleep for the winter. 

Annie and the Wild Animals

This is a story of a little girl who befriends the woodland animals in her backyard. She wonders where her beloved cat has gone, until spring arrives and she finds a special surprise. 

The Hat

If you love the Mitten, you will love this book. Set in another winter wonderland scene, Lisa’s wool stocking flies off the clothesline and is found by the Hedgie the hedgehog when all the fun begins. 

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

Chris Van Dusen is another one of our favorite children’s authors, and if you have not read Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee you are in for a treat. Follow along with Mr. Magee and his little dog dee as they find themselves in quite the adventurous ski experience. 

Mice Skating

The little field mouse Lucy loves to bundle up and go ice skating while all of her friends would prefer to stay in their burrow where it’s nice and warm. Will she be able to convince her friends to skate with her?

The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats has woven a delightful story of snow in this classic book. Join Peter as explores the snowy day, making snow angels, throwing snow balls, and making tracks in the snow with his feet. This is the perfect read for a snow day. 

A Big Quiet House

This is a humorous tale of a man who thought his house was too loud for a good night sleep. He goes to the wise old woman in his village who encourages him to fill his house with a variety of animals one by one, until one day he realizes maybe his house wasn’t so loud after all. 

Bear Snores On

A great read for a snowy evening, if you have never read any of Karma Wilson’s bear book, you are missing out. We love them all, but in this story, bear’s best friends show up in his cave to have a winter party and bear sleeps through it all. When he finally wakes up, he is disappointed that he has missed out and joins in the party, until he realizes all of his friends are sleeping. 

Katy and the Big Snow

Along with Virginia Lee Burton’s other tales, this one is a favorite in our house and is the perfect book to read during the winter season. Follow along with Katy the little snowplow as she helps plow out the town, making it possible for the townspeople to complete their jobs too. 

Snow Friends

This sweet book about a little bear who wakes up from his hibernation to realize he is all alone in a snowy world. He decides to build a friend – a snowman – and is soon joined by other woodland animals. This simple story is sure to be a favorite of your young readers. 

Owl Moon

This is the beloved tale of a little girl who is finally old enough to go owling with her father. As her father makes the familiar call of the owl, the little girl can only hope – will they see an owl tonight?

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

This the perfect book for this snowy time of year. Your children will love counting along with Lina as she walks to her grandmother’s house and counts all the different sounds she hears. This is a great read for those cozy winter mornings. 

Sugar Snow

If you love Laura Ingalls Wilder, you will want to add this story to your list of winter books. Little Laura is excited for a fresh, deep snow that will help the trees make more sap for maple syrup, meaning sweet candy for Laura and her sisters. 

Winter Days in the Big Woods

Another true story of the beloved pioneer girl, Winter Days in the Big Woods, chronicles the adventures of Laura and her sister, Mary, as they help their Ma with winter chores and delight in the wonders of the season. 

​Winter Dance

As the first snow approaches and all the animals are preparing for winter, the fox wonders what he is supposed to do. One day he meets a new friends and finds the perfect way to celebrate the snowfall. 

I hope you have found one (or a few!) new winter or snow books to read. Be sure to tag me over on instagram if you read any of these and let me now what you think. Do you have any favorites I’ve missed? I’d love to know. I hope you will learn a new appreciation for the beauty of winter and lean into the coziness of the season, while making memories with your children. 

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