Summer is here, and with it comes lots and lots more free time. Chances are you are all enjoying some extra time to play together and spend quality time together, but without structure the excitement of summer can quickly wear off.

This list of 50 screen free activities is meant to inspire you and your children to spend more time outside, learn, and be creative this summer. It includes things like baking cookies or making pancakes, going on nature walks, and searching for bugs or shapes in the clouds.

With activities for both inside and outside, this list will inspire you to get creative with keeping your kiddos busy this summer. Although it does take more effort and time, in the beginning, to keep kids busy without screens, the reward is worth it.

Donwnload the list here.

Be sure and tag me over on the ‘gram as you are doing these activities so I can see the fun you are having with your kiddos.

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