Children have an amazing capacity to memorize. When I realized that my two-year-old was quoting entire story books simply because we had read them over and over again, I decided that I needed to be intentional about filling her mind with good, true, and beautiful things, not just protecting her from evil.

It’s not always easy to be intentional and consistent with Scripture memory, but I have become convinced that there is no better time to do that then while children are young and can quickly and easily memorize.

I created these Luke 2 Scripture cards as a way to begin memorizing the Christmas story leading up to Christmas. The cards include the first 20 verses of Luke, which is probably much more than young children can chew off, but might be appropriate for your older kiddos or adding more verses to memory down the road. We plan to start memorizing Luke 2:6-14 as we head into the Christmas season and I’d love it if you would join us.

Cards are available in both KJV and ESV translations as a FREE pdf print. I suggest printing them with a high-quality printer and then laminating them for durability. The goal is to allow your children to be familiar with the cards and handle them enough that they want you to read with them.

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If you’re interested in more about Bible memory with kiddos, check out this blog post I wrote all about memory strategies for young children.

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