I’m the blogger behind The Flourishing Little House. Welcome to my little home on the internet!

This is the place to find encouragement for your motherhood journey, inspiration to create a home that is inviting and cozy, and practical tips to grow in your homemaking journey. I want you to know that it is possible to flourish in any season of life and I’m here to help you do that.

I am wife to an amazingly supportive husband and I simply adore him. I am mama to one sweet girl who brings me so much joy. I love spending time with her!

I can’t wait until we can move our family onto a gravel road with chickens and goats. For now, we enjoy a small backyard garden and long walks down gravel roads.

I have background in nursing and have a passion for natural health and wellness. I love natural remedies, whole foods, and have a cabinet stuffed with essential oils, homeopathy, and tinctures for just about anything.

I love to cook and bake from scratch and enjoy crafting meals for my family that are nourishing to our bodies, beautiful to look at, and delicious to taste.

I love reading beautiful picture books with my girlie and our story times together are some of my favorite parts of the day.


I met my husband in Peru, on a medical missions trip and we dated long distance.

I’ve traveled to 11 foreign countries, Uganda is my favorite.

I love camping in the mountains and enjoy cooking over a campfire.

I grew up near the Great Lakes and prefer fresh water over salt, hands down.

Winter is my favorite season, give me all the fuzzy blankets and warm drinks. I love being outside, but give me cold weather over heat any day.


family standing in tall grass