The role of homemaker in our modern world means something very different than it did 100 years ago, and yet it is still a beautiful and necessary skill set. Modern homemaking is very nuanced and carries so much potential for learning new skills, showcasing creative ideas, and making a house into a beautiful, inviting home. In this blog post we will look at what it means to be a modern homemaker as well as some simple ideas to turn your house into cozy home.

When you think of the word “home” what comes to mind? Home, to me, is a place that is a sanctuary from the hardships of the world; it is a place that emanates joy, peace, and a sense of belonging. Home is a place where relationships are cultivated, memories are shared, and hearts are nurtured. We’ve all been to those homes that felt tense and unwelcoming, yet we’ve also been to those homes that were warm and inviting, and I can almost guarantee you the differences had nothing to do with how big the house or well-to do the family. 

I believe that now, more than ever, we need women who are homemakers. Women who enjoy HOME, believe in its importance, and intentionally work to cultivate a home that is not just beautiful, but a place where her family feels safe and loved. A homemaker isn’t a title that belongs only to women who are home full time, working women can be and are homemakers; single women are homemakers. Women of all ages and stages have valuable work to do in the home. A homemaker is, very simply, one is intentionally invested in her home.

What are the Roles of a Modern Homemaker?

A homemaker takes pride in cultivating a home that is a haven for her friends and family. She is someone that is constantly learning and perfecting new skills, practicing her creativity, and looking to meet the needs of her family. 

From managing daily schedules to maintaining a clutter-free space, homemakers are the architects of an ordered and harmonious household. It takes practice and skill to ensure the bathroom gets cleaned weekly and the laundry pile doesn’t take over the living room. Most productive homemakers will tell you that their daily routine is the secret to a clean home and keeping everything in its proper place, but this is not a skill that comes easy to most people. Learning a routine and schedule that works for you and your family will often take a little bit of trial and error, but this learning and practice is a good thing. As you continue to learn, make mistakes, try new things, succeed, and find what works for you and your family, you will find yourself well on your way to being an efficient homemaker. 

A homemaker also has the opportunity to master skills in the kitchen. Cooking and baking for my family is one of my personal favorite ways to express love for my family. Bonus, that filling their bellies and nourishing their bodies with quality food is also good for their physical health and well being. Food is such a beautiful way to nourish our families and create connections and memories around the table. It’s not just about filing bellies, although that happens, it’s about the conversations started around the dinner tables; the laughter of shared jokes and stories; the quality time that draws hearts together. Creating this atmosphere, a place to safely share, converse, and laugh is one of the most beautiful parts of being a homemaker. 

Another way a homemaker can be creative is in the way she stretches her grocery dollars to feed her family. Watching for sales, finding the highest quality for the best price, using up leftovers creatively, stretching meals to save pennies – all of these are ways in which a homemaker contributes to her home by saving money and stewarding her household. Some women are more finance-minded than others and maybe you bless your home by doing more than watching grocery money. It could be that you are confident and able to keep all your household financials and do the taxes too. This is a great skill and an incredible way to bless your husband and home. 

Interior designer is another title that befits today’s homemakers. As you begin to style your living spaces you will learn your own personal style. Perhaps you love country cottage style or maybe you sprinkle in some vintage accents; maybe you are a modern minimalist that delights in a stylish home atmosphere. No matter your style, homemaking provides the opportunity for you to create a beautiful home that is unique to you and your family. This is one of my favorite things about homemaking: the ability to pick and choose colors, furniture, and accent pieces that I like and enjoy, even if it isn’t the most trendy. Don’t be afraid to decorate your home in a way that brings joy and life to you and your home. 

What are Some Skills that the Modern Homemaker Should Learn?

While every homemaker will have skills that she excels in and others that she doesn’t find as enjoyable, all homemakers will need a few basic skills. Remember as you grow and learn in homemaking, it is OK to focus on one skill and learn to do it well and then add another one. No homemaker learned all the skills overnight and we are all at different places along the journey of homemaking. 

Time Management

Time management skills are one of the most important things to learn as a homemaker. With so many tasks to accomplish in a day, the homemaker is always needing to evaluate priorities and adjust her routine and flow to get everything done. There IS enough time in a day, we just have to learn how to use our time in the most profitable way. Developing a chore routine and system that works for you and your home will be an excellent way to get started. If you are needing some inspiration in that area specifically, and like preformatted lists, check out this blog post where I explain how I divide my chores into daily tasks and even take one day off a week. 

Scratch Cooked Meals

One absolutely vital skill for every homemaker is the ability to cook meals from scratch. You don’t have to get fancy or be creating your own recipes, but some basic skills in the kitchen will go a long way in helping you stretch your grocery dollars. Home-cooked meals are generally much healthier and tastier anyway and once you get started, I can almost guarantee your family will love you for it. 

Meal Planning

Meal planning tags right along with cooking from scratch. Learning to meal plan will help you save money as you take an intentional list to the grocery store, rather than succumb to impulse purchases, but it will also help you be more prepared each day rather than stressing out about what’s for supper each night. Meal planning will also help you to know what you have on hand and what you need to use up so that you are not wasting food. 


Other homemaking skills would include basic sewing skills. I’ll be the first to admit that sewing is NOT my thing, but I can sew on buttons and do some basic items if I need to. Some homemakers excel in this area and are able to provide tremendous value to their homes by sewing curtains, towels, clothing, and so many other things. 

There are many skills you can learn as a homemaker and this is one of the things that I love most about it. We all have unique personalities that will contribute to the things that we find interest and value in, but there are endless opportunities to learn new skills and invest in your own personal growth. 

What are some simple ways that I can create a welcoming home?

Regardless of the size of your home or how well-decorated it might be, there are simple things that everyone can do to help create that beautiful, welcoming atmosphere. The most important part of creating a welcoming home is your attitude and posture towards homemaking and entertaining. Homemakers are a thermostat to their homes and if they are happy, relaxed, and content, most likely your family and guests will feel the same way. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillow and blankets are a simple, cost-effective way to add some coziness and warmth to your home. I love to change up my pillow covers for the seasons to add different pops of color and texture. They can easily be taken off and thrown in the washing machine when they need cleaned or at the end of the season making them very durable and practical. 


Candles are one of my favorite ways to add warmth to a room. There’s just something about that soft glow of candlelight that gives all the homey feels, plus infuses the room with cozy scents. If you’re needing a clean, non-toxic candle, check out my favorite candles from Antique Candle Co.

Meaningful Decor

I always encourage everyone, especially if you have a small home or don’t have a large budget to invest into home decor, find a few meaningful items that you do enjoy and incorporate those into your decor. This adds a personal touch to any space and makes it yours. Thrift stores, garage sales, and end-of season discount sales are some of my favorite places to shop for home decor pieces on a budget. 


​During the spring and summer I love to incorporate fresh florals into my decor. There’s just something special about a fresh bouquet of flowers sitting on the table that brightens any room and fills it with life. 


​My last tip for creating a welcoming home is to use music. Music has incredible power to shape the atmosphere of our homes and we play music of all genres frequently in our home. 

There is so much more that could be said about the unique and beautiful role of a homemaker to shape and influence the hearts of her family and friends, but I hope this has been an encouragement to you. Your work as a homemaker is valuable, it is not a boring, unfulfilled life, but there are countless opportunities to grow and learn new things.

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