Motherhood is a journey, filled with many beautiful and difficult moments. Each of those moments, the good and the hard, shaping our character and forming the direction of our lives. Amidst the hurry of motherhood, it can be difficult to find joy in the mundane tasks of daily life, but it is indeed possible. Finding joy in motherhood is an art that takes time and skill to master. One of the most profound ways to find joy in motherhood is by intentionally connecting with your little ones. In this blog post we will explore the power of connection to bring joy and look at some practical tips to seek joy today. 

One of the easies and also hardest ways to find joy in motherhood is to be fully present in the moment with your children and it is also the greatest gift you can give them. I get it, in the busyness of life it is so easy to focus on the never ending pile of tasks to be accomplished and we quickly lose sight of the present moment. From my own experience, the times when I am fully present with my family are the absolute sweetest. It is these moments when my eyes are fully open to the beauty of motherhood: the twinkle in my child’s eyes when we read her favorite children’s books, her smile when I agree to have tea party with her. 

Spending time together with undivided attention gives you the mental space to experience and savor the most joyful moments of motherhood. 

I would also encourage you to cultivate wonder in the heart and mind of your children and then allow their wonder and excitement to spill over to you. Children find delight in the simplest things: the colors of a sunset, the moon in the sky at midday, the bunny darting into the bushes. Exploring nature, reading picture books, baking together – all of these are simple things that can help evoke wonder in your child while easily being a part of your normal routine. When you start to see the world through the eyes of your child you will begin to see the magic in ordinary days. 

Children understand love best through time and one of the easiest ways to do this is through play. Playing games, putting puzzles together, imaginative tea parties, and snuggling with picture books: all of these things give you opportunities to really listen to your child, to learn the things they enjoy and the time spent together creates connection and memories that you both will cherish for many years to come. 

​We’ve talked about how connection creates joy, now let’s consider some practical ways to do this. 

I now that early mornings are not for everyone, but for me this is the time of day when I reorient my heart in God’s Word and seek direction and wisdom for the day. I also work out early in the morning and this is one of my best tricks for all day energy. If I could give you some words of encouragement, I would challenge you to set aside a few minutes each day to fill your own cup. That will look different for each of us, maybe its a walk, or 10 minutes reading a book, but taking time for you will allow you to better serve your family. 

Comparison is a joy stealer and it is so easy to do in today’s world of social media and so I would also encourage you to embrace your invaluable identity within your home. Let go of comparison and realize that YOU are the best mom for your kids and wife for your husband. 

Another bit of practical advise to finding joy in everyday is to prioritize connection with your spouse. We can easily become focused on our kiddos and neglect our relationship with our husbands and this only adds to stress and chaos. One easy way to foster connection is to plan a regular date night. Even if you are not in a season where you can go out and DO something, plan a special night in together. I have a list of ideas over on Instagram if you’re looking for inspiration. 

We all have a vision of the kind of motherhood we want for ourselves and for our homes. In the beautiful mess of life and motherhood, joy will come from connection: with God, with your husband, and with your little ones. Foster connection, intentionally pursue wonder and play, and cultivate joy in your home.

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