In a culture overwrought with noise, full schedules, activities, constant input, and ever-looming to-do lists, the idea of rest may seem very foreign, much less impossible. I have learned, however, in my own home and family, that making time and space for rest and quiet is essential and that I am actually more productive as I take time to rest.

We choose, as a matter of preference, to observe Sunday as day of rest, and it is truly my favorite day of the week. It is typically filled with church attendance in the morning, followed by an afternoon of naps, long walks, playing games and reading as a family, and just enjoying quiet and being together.

We do very little housework (including dishes), we eat simple meals, and we focus on rest and being together. Additionally, we try to avoid our phones and computers as much as we can to allow our eyeballs and brains a rest from the noise of technology.

We hold none of this tightly, it is simply a goal, but here’s what I’ve learned:

  • It’s in the stillness and quiet that we hear God’s best the most clearly. This is one reason I like to have my personal Bible time early in the morning while the house is quiet, I have more time and space to think clearly. Giving our hands and bodies time to be still, allows our hearts and minds to rest so that we have mental space to think about God and seek Him.
  • A break from work – from creating and doing – gives my mind and heart more time to seek the Lord and pray for wisdom about decisions and choices we have to make. A break from work also refreshes me mentally and I am usually ready to dive back in, full of ideas and a clearer perspective on where I need to focus my time and attention.
  • Rest also reminds me how often I allow the busyness and cares of life to pull my attention away from truly seeing and meeting the needs of my family, from just enjoying them. A day of rest, without the pressure of completing a to-do list, allows me to give my undivided attention to my family.

So how does this work practically? Well, I have developed a pretty good routine of weekly chores and housework that allows me to complete most regular household tasks in five days, with Saturday being a day to catch up. You can read about my chore routine here and even download my free chore printable.

Knowing that I have Sunday set aside as a day of rest helps me to push through the week when I am tired; I know that I will enjoy my day of rest more when I have worked hard during the week.

Practically, we do not do any dishes on Sundays. We eat simple meals: often eggs or an egg bake for Sunday breakfast, lunch at the church, and nachos or meat and cheese and crackers for supper.

Y’all, sometimes the sink is piled high with dishes on Monday morning and sometimes we do them later Sunday evening. Sometimes we avoid all electronics, and sometimes we do a little research or work on a project together in the evening. The point is not what we do or don’t do, the point is that we set aside time to rest.

Rest will look different for you based on your family and season of life. It doesn’t have to be Sunday, it doesn’t have to be a whole day, but I would love to challenge you to set aside regular, intentional time to rest with your family and see if it doesn’t actually bring more life into your home and family.

This rhythm of rest has been so life-giving to our home and family as we have tried to consistently carry it out. It connects us, refreshes us, and equips us to jump into a new week with energy and determination.

I hope you will make time and space for rest and I’d love if you let me know when you do!

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